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Top 3 Ways To Promote Kindle Book When You Are Short of Budget

It is a dream for every author to publish a book and sell thousands of copies. Every author wants to get visibility from the masses and get recognized. But once you publish your book on Amazon, how will you promote your kindle book?

According to Forbes, only 1 or 2 become top sellers out of every one million authors. That might not seem good.

Writers know how to write a book, but the main game about selling copies is marketing it to the right audience. Selling books is where the majority of writers fail.

It is totally fine and acceptable because not everyone is a master of all trades. Writers and authors are good at writing. 

For promotion, it requires different skills and a huge chunk of time. There are marketing and advertising agencies to promote your Amazon Kindle books.

However, you might be curious if there are ways to promote kindle book for free or spending a minimum amount? For your relief, yes, there are some ways!

How To Promote Kindle Book Using Online Platforms

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It is important to note that when we promote without spending much on Ads, we need to spend time. Organic promotion takes time, consistency, and patience.

Social media is the power in the digital world. Not only social media, but we can also easily establish an online presence to promote the products.

Here are a few ways to do it.

1] Google

A user comes to Google and searches for something related to your book, and your Amazon Kindle book pops up on the top. What is the possibility of increasing sales? It’s endless.

Approximately 5.6 billion searches take place on Google every day. Possibilities are high that many people might be searching for something related to your book.

But how would you come on the first page of their search results? The answer lies in Search Engine Optimization, which is also known as SEO.

SEO is free for everyone where all you need to do is optimize your content to rank for specific keywords. Let’s say you are writing a book on motivation. Now whenever someone searches for ‘best motivational books’ then your writing should be the one.

No doubt, this is a highly competitive keyword. Thousands of authors and large publications are competing on that keyword. There are several strategies to become a member of those top lists.

You can outreach the top bloggers with your product and ask if they can include your book on their list as well. No doubt they might ask for a free copy of your book or even charge you some money. But that is a part of the negotiation. Let’s focus on the return of investment that you made!

However, the good news is that you can still target lesser competitive but highly targeted keywords and swiftly gain the users specifically looking for some book. Ranking on less competitive keywords is easier.

Once you start gaining traffic, it becomes exponential growth.

2] Forums: Quora

There are several online forums, and many of them belong to a niche. However, we will consider one of the largest communities, Quora. The reason being it is generic, and all types of people are present.

The best strategy for marketing on Quora is to build a strong fanbase for yourself by providing more value or the content which your audience demands.

Several self-established writers on Quora turned out to be promoting their books, and they sell well. Top writers are practicing this trend more.

Here are some instances.

Dushka Zapata is a professional author who has written ten books until now, and she is successfully selling them using her Quora traffic.

She has more than 222k followers on Quora, where she wrote thousands of answers to engage with them.

(Image Source: Dushka Zapata Quora Profile)

Another example we have in India is Dr. Awdhesh Singh, who is one of the top writers on Quora from several years with more than 300k followers on his profile. He is an ex-IRS officer who writes books now. He has more than five books on his name now.

(Image Source: Awdhesh Singh Quora Profile)

How is he marketing them? He writes multiple answers on Quora solving the queries of youngsters in his field. Eventually, many of his readers get converted and buy the books he sells because they trust his knowledge in the field.

The more value you create, the easier it gets to build a personal brand for conversions. People look for trust factors.

If someone is selling something valuable, users want a sense of trust. Even I would check the level of expertise before buying any book.

3] Social Media

Social media is not all about posting content and calculating the likes you get on the posts. It’s more about building a community.

We have already discussed getting more sales using social media platforms on our blog. In case you missed it, check out: Roadmap To Boost eCommerce Sales Using Social Media

But let’s talk about selling books.

Social media is a double-sided sword. No other way is better for reaching out to millions of people around the globe to showcase your book.

However, getting narrower is important as social media platforms are huge, and all kinds of people are available here. The main task is to target them specifically.

Find out where your target audience usually hangs out. Apart from posting content and engaging with the target audience, there are several ways to promote your book on social media platforms.

With the decreasing organic reach of social media platforms, paid ads come to the rescue.

Even influencer marketing works well for boosting the sales of your book. Reach out the influencers and negotiate with their charges to promote your book. Multiple micro-influencers give more deals but managing them is a task.

Finally, selling books without putting your budget on fire is an art.

As I mentioned earlier, it is totally fine for authors to focus on the writing part. Specialists can manage marketing and promotional activities.

In case you need help with the promotion part for your Amazon Kindle Book, let us know. We assist people with their Kindle books.

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