The Latest Amazon Email Marketing Tool is Here – Grab Your Sales Superpower

After serving 1000+ Amazon customers, we’ve realized that the silver bullet for success is email marketing. So, we built the most comprehensive Amazon email marketing tool out there.

If you are seller caught in the vicious cycle of no reviews – no sales – no reviews, read on. We’ve solved this forever with Seller Wizard from CPC Business.

1.    What is Seller Wizard?

It is your one-stop marketing tool to manage your Amazon buyers and prospects, leading to greater revenues over time. It covers email marketing, inventory management, reputation management and deep analytics.

2.    What are the benefits to an Amazon seller?

A typical Amazon seller has three great challenges which get perfectly tackled.

Managing magnitude: The sheer volume of orders, inventory, SKUs is so large that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Excel sheets give up too. When seller wizard converts all that data into graphs, charts and actionable alerts, it starts to make sense.

Nurturing the customers: A sale made is just the beginning. It is important to solicit feedback, build reputation, upsell other products. Seller wizard automates all these sequences, so the store runs on autopilot.

Operational efficiency: Sales and orders is just one side of the story. It is important to investigate negative feedbacks, respond to queries, reconcile transactions. Seller wizard acts as a tracker and listening tool.

3.    How does it work?

3.1. Connect your store

You connect your store to the tool, and it pulls in all your existing data in a clean, simple dashboard

3.2 Set up your email campaign

Believe it or not, sellers take a lot of time to figure the success code for the right email templates and workflows. Seller Wizard takes the guesswork out. Let us walk you through it.

3.2.1 Decide your campaign type

General campaigns: Every new buyer should get a ‘how-to guide’? Schedule it. Simple.

A/B Testing campaigns: Offer 1 works better or Offer 2? Test it, easy.

Follow up campaigns: Rarely do we hear back with one email. Follow up emails are designed to entice action without annoying the user.

Adhoc campaigns: Got a new idea to research? Tap into your existing customer base with an email campaign.

3.2.2 Set up the campaign

Pick your product, your content and you are ready to go.

Hold on, where do you get the content for the emails from? No need to hire content writers. We have three powerful features in-built. Proven templates

We’ve studied click-throughs long enough to know what kind of content will make users tick. Simply pick one. Personalized touch

We all love the ‘Dear our name’ formats and emails that know ‘our needs’. Nobody likes generic ‘to whomsoever it may concern’ styles. So, we built that in with ‘placeholders’ Superb Call-to-Actions

We send the user straight to the page they should go to. Nobody is going the extra mile to find those review links on Amazon for you. We make it darn easy!

There we go. Let’s move on.

3.2.3 Track your results

You can sit back and relax but we won’t. We keep our eyes on your campaign results in the dashboard section and send you weekly updates too.

In a bird’s eye view you get to see three metrics which can make or break your success. Constantly optimizing them is the secret sauce. Email open rate & click rate:

Map those against industry benchmarks and you know if it is time to change the campaign A/B test results

The magic of marketing happens here. Keep testing to find what works for your brand.

Email marketing is where it all starts but we don’t stop there. We take a more holistic approach and link it all back to your sales and revenue. Here is what we recommend.

3.3 Watch your dashboard

All your marketing efforts will bring you orders, which must be tracked.

3.3.1 Order trends

High cancellation rate? You have something to fix. Dropping sales curve? All eyes back on marketing boosts. Every metric will demand a reaction and you will be always ready with our dashboard by your side.

3.3.2 Top performers

Some SKUs are your heroes. They bring new customers in the category. Similarly, some geographies react better to your offers. The unique ethnic profile of India brings these diverse trends and we help you stay on top of it.

3.4 Know your inventory

There is nothing more powerful than the power to forecast demand and stock up well in advance. We cover that too for you with our orders and inventories dashboard.

3.5 Manage your reputation

One negative review can impact your sales badly. However, it is inevitable – law of nature you may say. The best thing to do is ‘react’ as promptly as possible. So, again, we help you manage that.

3.5.1 Negative review alert

Get an instant notification when there is a negative feedback. Resolve the customer’s issues and get it removed. Timely reaction is your best weapon.

3.5.2 Automatic blacklisting

If there are unhappy customers who leave bad reviews or who’ve cancelled orders in the past, they should not be targeted through email marketing. How do we keep track? The tool automatically does that.

3.6 Protect your Amazon account

The hard work that goes into creating a reputation on Amazon can go down the drain if your account gets hijacked. We send instant notification if that happens.

4.    How to get started?

Depending on the age of your Amazon account and your time in business, you may need different solutions. We have basic beginner packages as well as advanced enterprise ones. Check pricing here

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