Roadmap To Boost eCommerce Sales Using Social Media

Roadmap To Boost eCommerce Sales Using Social Media

There was a time when companies had to set up their products in offline stores. They used to market it using TV ads, large hoardings, or newspaper ads.

But now, anyone can boost eCommerce sales using social media.

Current stats by ​Statista ​show that 40% of Internet users have shopped online at least once in their lifetime. 

This trend is continuously going to increase for the next few years. The current lockdown boosted the eCommerce industry as most of the people are preferring to order online instead of flocking to the market.

So considering the demand, you set up an eCommerce store for your business, but how will people reach there? How will you get more sales?

Social Media is an inexpensive way to boost your business and generate more sales for your eCommerce. 

According to the​ ​Research, 87% of eCommerce shoppers believe social media helps them make a shopping decision.

So how to do that?

Roadmap For Boosting Sales of eCommerce Using Social Media

(Image Source: ​Brooke Lark on​ Unsplash)

1] Define Goals

Having a specific goal for social media marketing is the first step. Some companies need awareness while some look for more sales. That will decide the strategies for social media marketing.

For eCommerce, it is mostly about increasing sales.

2] Content Curation & Strategies

Social Media is all about the game of content. People use social media to get entertained and pass their time. They don’t want to see ads from random brands.

So how will you make them engage with your content?

Blend your posts with their social media feed.

Create entertaining posts to attract an audience and provide them value to spread awareness. It works!

3] Optimization

Every social media platform is different. We need to optimize our content according to the respective platform. It depends on various factors like layout, demographics, algorithms, users, and most importantly, your followers.

Are you optimizing your content and products according to what your followers respond to? If not, then you are making a big mistake. The next point is about the analysis of your followers and content so that you can optimize it better.

4] Analytics

Every social media platform has an analytics section for creators where they get to see the insights. It is a highly underrated yet powerful tool.

Check the trends and figures to find what your followers react to. Try to build the content around similar concepts to boost your overall performance.

In terms of eCommerce, it is not only about the content but also about the products. There are always some products for every brand that don’t get the desired response. Tweak your store and products accordingly.

These were some tips for building content and product line ups. But what about the platforms? Which platform should you target?

As I mentioned, every platform is different. Let’s check one by one.

(Image Source: Photo by​ William Iven on​ Unsplash)

Best Social Media Platforms For Your E-Commerce

1] Facebook & Instagram

Facebook family is, without any doubt, the biggest player in the social media industry. It owns Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and several other platforms.

That means it is the largest hub of users that you cannot afford to miss. Facebook has 2.6​            billion monthly active users, followed by Instagram with​           ​ 1 billion monthly active users.

Organic reach might be dropping day by day. However, paid ads still give the best results with detailed targeting.

For example, you own an eCommerce store that sells gift items. Facebook gives you an option to target those people who have friends with the upcoming birthdays. Cool, isn’t it?

Recently, Instagram even gave a feature where you can tag your products. It can boost your eCommerce sales.

(Image Source: ​Realmelink Instagram)

2] Pinterest

Pinterest is a double-sided sword. It can at times highly boost your sales, or it simply won’t work. The reason is simple. Pinterest is good for only a few industries.

Some examples of niche ideas that do really well are home & decor, parenting, food, arts & designs, beauty, and style.

Currently, there are more than 350​      million monthly active users. It has a very specific set of​           audience that loves visually appealing content. Content strategy is important.

The biggest advantage of Pinterest is that it helps in SEO ranking, and the life of a post is longer than any other social media platform. Also, it is one of the few platforms which directly ranks your posts on Google or search engines.

So how will you market your products on Pinterest?

       Etsy is a good example. It is an eCommerce website that sells vintage items and craft supplies.​                                                             

They extensively use Pinterest for their online marketing.

They kept posting high-quality images of their products, eventually gaining more than 10 million hits a month.

(Image Source: ​Etsy on Pinterest​)

3] Twitter

Twitter has ​ 330​  million monthly active users, with the majority of its users between 35 and 65.​        More than 60% of the users are male.

Twitter is more about trends. The engagement rate on Twitter might be the lowest, but it still allows you to promote your website links directly. 

Other platforms tend to limit your reach if you use website links that direct the users out of that particular platform. It is not the case with Twitter.

So how will you boost your sales using Twitter?

Brands mostly use Twitter as a medium to connect their customers. It is a great platform to resolve the issues faced by your loyal customers.

The Home Depot is a great example of diverting Twitter traffic to drive more sales on the eCommerce website.

(Image Source: ​Home Depot on Twitter​)

Another example of excellent Twitter marketing to generate traffic is SEMrush.

(Image Source:​ SEMrush Twitter​)

The company is not an eCommerce website, but it is doing a great job to make people engage in their tweets and build a loyal fanbase.

4] Quora

       Quora has a monthly active userbase of 300 millio​      n ​ people. Around 57% of the users are male.

It has high-quality traffic where people answer questions. There is a way to promote your products and services on Quora.

It is a completely text-based platform where images don’t perform well. Also, videos are not allowed here.

Moreover, moderation is quite strict. Instead, brands are using ad campaigns on Quora to reach their target audience.

(Image Source: ​Marketingland)

These were a few insights about boosting eCommerce using social media. Every business needs a different strategy and model.

Do you want to build an eCommerce website for your business? Are you willing to boost eCommerce sales using social media?

It’s time for you to sit back relaxing a cup of coffee and let us do that for you. Contact Now

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