5 Tips To Boost eCommerce Sales During Festive Seasons

5 Tips To Boost eCommerce Sales During Festive Seasons

The last quarter of the year is observed as a festive season in almost every part of the world. Even in India, the festive season starts in September. This is the time when people spend heavily. How will you boost your eCommerce sales during the festive seasons? 

Ideally, there are many ways to optimize the online store and get more conversions. We have even listed out some generic ways in our previous article. If you missed it, check out our 5 tips for increasing online sales.

But this article is going to be different. It is going to be special and dedicated to festive seasons. Something that you cannot leverage all round the year but surely use during this period.

Implement These Tips To Boost Your eCommerce Sales During Festivals

1] Using Festive Theme on Landing Pages

Have you observed how shopping malls in the metro cities create a theme of festivals? It is common to spot Halloween theme, Diwali theme, Christmas theme, Valentine’s theme, and many more. It creates an aroma of excitement among the visitors.

The same strategy can be implemented on eCommerce websites. Several brands like Walmart, Neiman Marcus, Wayfair, Nike, Tesco, and many others are already using it.

Image Source: Gorilla360

Tesco beautifully created a theme of Christmas and optimized everything with the theme. Right from the colors, buttons, and even products.

2] Recovering Abandoned Carts Using Festive Offers

You are losing money on every abandoned cart. As per Statista, 88% of the online shopping orders were abandoned. But there is good news.

Customers with abandoned carts are the easiest to convert. It implies that they were about to buy your product but stopped because of some reason. Make this flow easier by offering festive offers.

If the user needs a product and you are providing some offers on the same product, then it highly possible to convert that user.

Use email automation tools to send a reminder. You can even use push notifications to update the users about their pending purchase. There are tools like PushOwl, OmniSend, or PushAlert to send push notifications to all the users that have abandoned their carts.

Image Source: PushAlert

It is important to incentivize such users in the name of festive offers. There are several reasons for leaving a product after adding it to the cart. But if the cause was high pricing, then such users will come back and purchase with the deal.

3] Running Email & SMS Campaigns with Festive Products

Since we already targeted the users that have abandoned the cart, let’s focus on the users that visited the eCommerce store and provided us with some data. These users come in MoFu (Middle of Funnel) of our marketing funnel.

It could be an email ID or mobile number. These are the leads that have some awareness about your eCommerce store and products.

Target them using email campaigns or SMS campaigns or both. Based on the model of website and data collection, you can promote your festive targeted products.

During festivals, people need more sweets, gift items, apparel, decorating items, and other items. It is a great idea to introduce some products that are specifically made for individual festivals.

Amazon recently sent a promotional email to all its subscribers for Diwali. The email’s theme aligns with the festival and the products listed were related to Diwali. Moreover, they were giving heavy discounts on some products.

Image Source: Amazon Newsletter

If your niche is not aligning with the festive targeted products, then it is okay. Avoid forcing this strategy into your store. Instead, provide some festive discounts on your existing products, and it works like a charm.

4] Running Social Media Contests Using Ad Campaigns

Several brands run social media campaigns to engage with their target audience. Some brands with large social media pages leverage their organic reach as well.

However, organic reach is not well-targeted, which can lead to a poor conversion rate. Run targeted Ad campaigns instead. After all, this step is going to boost your sales. So, there is nothing wrong to invest a bit in social media ad campaigns.

Brands have been organizing events, contests, games, and interactive sessions for festivals.

Image Source: Realme Twitter Handle

Diwali is coming in India and Realme has already started their campaigns. This post has seen more engagement than the average posts, and it builds hype around the brand.

If you are looking for social media to increase your sales, then don’t forget to check out our recommended roadmap to boost your eCommerce using social media.

5] Optimizing Thank You Pages With Vouchers and Festive Wishes

After implementing all the strategies mentioned above, it is important to make the existing customers, as well as the new customers, feel homely and special. After bringing a customer and converting, there is no fun left.

Don’t let that happen. Give some more perks as a surprise element. Once your customer paid for the order, the eCommerce page gets redirected to a ‘Thank You’ page. This page is where you can leverage the space instead of just giving a thank you note.

Customize this page for the festive wishes and attach some vouchers or discounts for your other products. In this way, you are pitching for another product that might get sold due to the offer.

Image Source: Storeya

If your business cannot afford to upsell some other product, it is a great idea to deliver some other goodies along with the main product.

Some brands deliver free keychains, calendars, chocolates, scented candles, sweets, and many other giftable items. Of course, the packaging of these goodies will have the branding of your brand. But who doesn’t love free items and gifts?

If used, it gives a permanent brand recall value to your business. So, try to gift something that will be useful for your customers in the long run.


The festive season can be a great opportunity for offline sellers as well as online sellers to boost their sales by appeasing the customers. This period is when customers set their pockets loose.

To conclude shortly, try to implement the festive theme on your eCommerce store and run some campaigns to bring in the traffic. Don’t forget to spread smiles after the purchase is made. After all, it is the season of festivals.

Are you looking for more strategies and examples? Check out our portfolio and connect us. We ensure that you will be in good hands.

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