5 Ecommerce Marketing Tips To Boost Your Online Sales

Every online seller wants to increase sales. But is everyone implementing some basic strategies to boost those numbers? We will be providing some eCommerce marketing tips for your store based on our experience.

No doubt, consumers come and buy if they need the product. They are highly warm prospects. But how about converting those cold prospects that are confused and still thinking to make a purchase or not?

Your eCommerce store needs to reach such people and even convince them to trust in your brand.

Here are some Marketing Tips For Your Online Business

1] Landing Page And Branding

A landing page is the face of your product. It is highly going to influence the buyer’s mood to move forward with your product. A smooth landing page is always appreciated.

It’s a common mistake among eCommerce owners to keep multiple CTA (Call-To-Action) button on the same page. Avoid it. It confuses the visitor and causes a distraction. Don’t give your visitors too many options and keep them in the flow of your main product.

Avoid over-promising and clearly mention what users can expect from your product. Nobody likes getting ambiguous opinions which can lead to a drop in sales. It’s always good to deliver that is being promised. It builds trust for your future sales.

Also, make the process from the landing page to your ‘Thank You’ page easy and smooth. Ideally, it should not take more than three clicks to order a product.

2] User-Friendly Pages

The primary factor that comes with the user-friendly pages is that the website has to be mobile-friendly.

According to StatCounter, 50.33% of Internet users come from mobile. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you are losing almost half of your potential customers. It’s the need of the time now.

Apart from that, it is great to have live chat support on your eCommerce website. Remember how there is a salesperson in every offline retail shop? Human touch is important for customers to feel comfortable.

Similarly, there has to be someone who solves the queries and doubts that come before making a purchase. If the visitor leaves with a mind full of doubts, he will never complete the purchase. After all, it is the matter of that visitor’s hard-earned money.

Pizza Hut did a great job of introducing a chatbot on its Facebook page.

Image Source: TheVerge

There are several services that you can consider using for your website, like Olark,  SendInBlue, LiveAgent, Chaport, Intercom, Freshchat, and several other services.

3] Leverage Social Media & Influencer Marketing

We have already posted a detailed blog about using social media platforms for your business. In case you missed it, check it out here: Roadmap To Boost eCommerce Sales Using Social Media.

By social media marketing, it’s not just about creating content about your products.

There are several strategies like conducting giveaways or offering your consumers some incentives for tagging and posting about your brand. These steps improve your reach.

Let’s move one step ahead as a business. Use influencer marketing as a part of your strategy.

At times it’s difficult to convert the visitors even after paying heavily for online Ads. In such cases, you can pick up some micro-influencers with 5k-50k followers with a decent engagement rate. These micro-influencers generally have a loyal and niche-based audience.

Of course, you can go for larger influencers based on your products, but they charge more, and ROIs are often less.

4] Start Nurturing Your Subscribers and Loyal Consumers

Your subscribers are the people that trust you the most. It’s easy to convert them. However, it is important that you don’t let them forget you. Netizens have a weak memory.

Use personalization for your subscribers. For that, you might want to collect their details. This data will help to make some deep analysis and strategies.

For example, if you sell gift items, then you can give heavy discounts or even gift some products to your loyal subscribers. It increases the bond and engagement.

Rewarding your loyal consumers give a tremendous amount of word-of-mouth publicity. Some people even provide shoutouts on their social media platforms, giving you an instant reach of thousands of people.

Another way of marketing your products is by using email marketing. If you have not been collecting emails from your visitors, then you are missing something big.

Every business needs to convert their visitors into loyal subscribers. Deliver some exclusive offers to your email subscribers. It helps to create trust and brand value.

According to Oberlo, 81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel.

Image Source: Zomato Email

For inspiration, Zomato does a great job in its email marketing campaigns. Similarly, Swiggy, Oyo, Amazon, and many other companies follow great email marketing strategies.

5] Keep Checking Your Ratings and Reviews

The consumers that provide you feedback in the form of reviews and ratings are the best. They help you to improve your products so that you don’t repeat the same mistake for a larger audience in the future.

If a particular customer gives negative feedback and it is a genuine issue then humbly accept the mistake and rectify it. If not something that can be improved then a humble compensation strongly increases your brand respect. People trust more in the long run.

For instance, Amazon often implements this strategy of giving away the items for free. They don’t collect the item back but refund fully.

According to ThePicky, this is done because sometimes it could cost more to ship back and store a damaged product. In such cases, Amazon doesn’t want you to return the product to reduce its cost and issue a refund/replacement.

But in return, consumers get delighted due to the full refund as well as the free product.

There are several things that you can do better than Amazon or any brand. We discussed it, and you will find it here: 6 Ways Your eCommerce Website Can Compete With Amazon.

Summarizing Quickly

The first step is to sell the highest quality product that can market itself later. Never compromise on the quality. Once, you create an appealing landing page with your branding, leverage social media platforms, and email lists.

Your job is not completed once the product is shipped. Check out for the reviews from your consumers so that they don’t create a negative wave in the market. Most importantly, keep improving the products and experience.

Do you need help with your eCommerce? We are happy to help.

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