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Top 10 tips for Instagram marketing for your Amazon products

Do you wish to render a jumpstart to your product profiles on the Amazon store? Have you gone tired of relying solely on Amazon search for establishing new sales outside of the platform? If your answer is yes, then Instagram is the best social media platform for eCommerce companies rendering them the ability to display their products, develop a strong connection with the targeted audience, and build up a strong market presence to attract profitable and loyal customers.  

Instagram for Amazon Sellers Best Practices

Amazon sellers consider that Instagram is one of the perfect platforms to implement a marketing strategy and accomplish its goal. However, it is important to remember that getting impressive leads and sales for eCommerce vendors can be quite tough to achieve from Amazon unless you are following the best practices for strengthening your presence and getting your post in front of the audience.  

You need to keep the following tips in mind before you embark on the pursuit of strengthening your brand on the platform of Amazon.

  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is a virtue when it comes to Instagram.  You have to find a befitting medium such that you consistently provide high-quality content that will keep you under the watchful eyes of the targeted audience. You have to make sure that the quality of the content does not dip. When it comes to customer engagement Instagram outscores Facebook by almost ten times. Images posted on Instagram receive more than 23 percent engagement when compared to Facebook images. Brands give their best shot for driving engagement. It has been found that an average brand posts nearly thirty times every month.  The bottom line here is to maintain quality.

Creating Instagram Stories       

One of the hottest features in Instagram is Instagram stories. In sharp contrast to typical postings, Instagram stories show up in different sections generates a higher level of engagement helping you to stand apart from your competitors. As of now, there are more than 400 million daily active Instagram stories with video-centric features.   

For a standard post, Instagram is capable of creating more reach for standard posts. If your user finds a post to be engaging and interacts with it, then your posts are likely to show up on their feed.

Preference for quality rather than quantity

Digital marketers need to ensure that in a bid to make regular posts on Instagram the quality of the content is not compromised.  The level of audience engagement achieved through the contents posted will determine the frequency with which your post is displayed in their feed. Accounts generating a higher level of engagement will show up often in comparison to accounts with lower engagement.  Keep in mind that the Instagram algorithm prefers total engagement while deciding what content to be displayed on the feed of your follower. It collates the total number of likes, views, comments, and profile click-through.

Sharing contents that are user-generated

Sharing product images may not be enough. You need to implement subtle tweaks. For instance, when a user shares a picture of them with your product reach out to them and ask if you can post it on your official page. You may also encourage your users for sharing content they create in the pretext of a contest or similar other strategies.

Optimizing Your Profile

Amazon sellers need to utilize Instagram for increasing brand awareness and generate traffic towards your Amazon product page. It is important to explain your identity and the necessary info that will help customers to find your product.  The approach will do your brand loads of good. Please make sure that you provide at least a link to your brand page with a short description of your company.  

Keep Touch with Your Followers on Regular Basis

You need to get a reality check about a conversation in that they are a two-way street.  Ecommerce brand often approaches Instagram as if it were a bullhorn.  Engaging customers is more than posting new product images repeatedly. Such an approach seldom becomes successful in engaging users. They often fail to realize that the ultimate objective of having your brand on Instagram is to create awareness among profitable customers.

Communication is the key

Hence, you must talk to your fans and jump into conversations. Provide prompt answers to questions that they may have. You can take the help of making part of the process automated. However, you have to make sure that you are genuinely engaging and developing connections with your customers. Otherwise, you may not get the desired results from your efforts.

You Must Look For Cross Promotion Opportunities     

If your brand is mentioned on other accounts, you will get new leads. If you can strike a deal with other brands selling similar products for promoting each other then it will help you to secure more sales and it will increase the number of followers. It must be remembered that the business development aspect of growing your social presence requires dedicated efforts.   

Do not write off Influencer Marketing

Building up an organic following on Instagram requires time. However, for Amazon sellers and other Ecommerce brands time is a scarce resource although they are having the necessary budget to pay for mentions, posts, and stories from an influencer having a considerable audience. It can help you generate immediate sales and jumpstart awareness in the industry. On the other side, it has to be kept in mind that influencer marketing can be quite expensive as influencers charge a hefty amount.

Never miss an opportunity

Amazon sellers must look at Instagram as an opportunity that should be grabbed with both hands and make the best use of it. To start thing of it is advisable to build a reliable presence on the platform alongside its rapid growth. You can grow awareness in your industry by consistently posting quality updates. It will enhance awareness within the industry and it will become feasible to generate more sales and earn surplus revenues. Besides, you will develop a close-knit connection with customers and prospects. You can expect favorable word-of-mouth along with product recommendations that will benefit you too.                  

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